Venus Optics Laowa 24mm Macro Probe “The Anteater” [Unique New Camera Lens]

Johnny Reid


April 15, 2019

July 19, 2019

In this goHere Insight we are in the category of innovative technology products. This week we are reviewing the Venus Optics Laowa 24mm Macro Probe lens which has been nicknamed “The Anteater”. Does this lens warrant the $1,499.00 price tag? The ability to shoot fantastic macros and ability to get into places other lenses just simply cannot is a strong selling point. Our take is the lens is a unique attachment that will yield distinct video that will attract the user’s eye. Check out more details below and find out how you can purchase or rent The Anteater.
The Anteater Lens
The Anteater or Laowa probe lens has been gaining traction since late 2018 when the viral video Shooting Macro displayed the footage possibilities obtainable with this type of lens. Here is the link to the original video, . As you can see in the video, the detail you can view from the moving bullet shooting from the lens provides a stunning, clear, and distinct view of any ordinary object.

The build quality of the Laowa Macro Probe is fantastic, sporting a full metal housing which feels well made. Coming in at just under one pound it is portable and light option while still feeling strong in the build quality. The mount options available are Sony E, Canon EF, and Nikon F so you will have to get the specific mount for your camera as they are not swappable. We found the attachment easy to carry around with the metal case and should not weigh down your equipment setup. The front has an LED ring light that is powered by the USB port on the back which amplifies the ability of the lens. The widest the lens can get is F14 and you can close down all the way to F40. We love the extreme versatility and ability this lens provides to capture various different shots. The Laowa is now in our main equipment setup and is a great replacement for most of our old lenses.

With the optical design, Laowa has divided the lens into three functional groups: Macro, Objective, and Relay Lenses so you are basically getting three lenses merged into one. This is why it has become a staple in our filming equipment setup. The Macro Lens is at the front of the lens to capture the 2:1 macro image. Objective Lens expands the image to fit on the full frame sensor. The Relay Lens relays the image from the Macro Lens to Objective Lens through the long barrel without losing the image quality.
Laowa Macro Lens
The long barrel up to the USB port is waterproof which allows for the ability to capture unique underwater shots. We find this quite useful in our testing as we captured some phenomenal ocean shots. You can have something directly in front of the lens and keep the focus of the camera providing stunning detail up close to your subject. This lens is versatile as it can capture farther away shots because the focus goes from 2:1 reproduction ratio all the way to infinity. The range this lens provides is well worth the price tag.

The Laowa lens being only an F14 means that you will need a good amount of light to use the lens. Having a deep depth of field, you need to make sure that you keep the sensor and lens cleaned to avoid seeing dirt particles. We keep all of our equipment in immaculate shape cleaning the lens is just a natural habit. We did however notice if you are shooting up close in Macro without the LED enabled, you are going to see a shadow from the lens. If you are using the built-in lights on the front of the lens you must be careful of seeing the reflection of the LED on your subject.

After testing the Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens we can absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking for an extremely versatile lens that can capture awesome macros and produce stunning details that you cannot get from the competition. With how many lenses the Laowa can replace, the $1,499 price is extremely justifiable for any creative professional. You can purchase The Anteater here, . Or if you need it for just a specific project this option will allow you to rent by the hour,

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