Will the Foldable Phone Catch on? (Again?) *Updated*

Johnny Reid


March 2, 2019

July 19, 2019

In this week’s goHere Insight, our team evaluates the past of smartphones and provides insight on the newest wave of smartphones that incorporate a theme from the past: the foldable design.

(Updated March 24, 2019)

Recent video footage from a hands on view of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold shows that there is a crease in the middle of the screen when fully opened. This is not a good sign from a new flaghsip phone that is starting at $1,480. The original video can be viewed here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otwW5e61nHQ . Granted foldable screen technology is in the early phases, we hope Samsung is on top of this. There is a rising concern the constant opening and closing of the screen could cause the crease to wear and become worse over time which would not bode well with users. The fully opened screen shows the top right of the screen is unusable space because of the notch. Utilizing the screen layout and staying away from notches is something we have always loved about Samsung but this phone might become the exception. Samsung has been a leader/influencer in screen technology over the past half-decade with their beautiful AMOLED displays and curved edge technology. But, if they want the foldable phone phenomenon to not just be a fad that lasts one generation, they should address these concerns before the users have a chance to deem the Fold an overpriced, underwhelming flagship of 2019.

Unlike the old foldable designs, like the LG enV Touch and Motorola Razr V3, the new trend from manufacturers is a foldable touch screen feature. When fully opened the screen real estate is increased significantly, but yet still functional on the smaller screen when folded.

Who remembers carrying those folding bricks in your pocket; did you enjoy it as much as the current thin, sleek smartphones that have been produced in the last few years? Is the advancement in screen technology worth the sacrifice of size? We are thankful the phones have gotten thinner and lighter but can we really expect the new foldable trends to catch back on?

Foldable Phones Are Back For 2019!

Motorola is set to revive their Razr line of phones exclusively on Verizon later in 2019 with their V4 foldable screen version. They have not set a release date but is expected sometime this summer. Samsung announced their new Samsung Galaxy Fold which is set to launch April 26 in the US on AT&T and T-Mobile.

These highly priced foldable phones will be produced in limited quantities and be provided on select carriers. This leads to our analysis that the manufacturers will gauge the market interest in the application and usability of a foldable-screen phone. But, pricing these phones well above $1000 USD will limit their user base to those who are willing to take a chance to ditch their old smartphone. Specifically, the single touchscreen style they have been accustomed to for the better part of a decade.

While we understand screen size is important; do the new foldable screens truly provide more applicable uses than say a flagship smartphone from the? The life of this technology will be determined by the application into the market and with high price tags this seems a high barrier of entry.  We love disruption and change at goHere, that is how growth happens. Stay tuned for more information regarding all things new tech.

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