Will 5G Revive Phone Sales? [Update: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Exploding]

Johnny Reid


April 27, 2019

July 19, 2019

[Update 5/3/2019]
Samsung is shying away from a lone case of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G exploding in South Korea. After the pre-release screen issues with the Fold and now this story coming to the surface, we are concerned with the rest of 2019 for Samsung.

With device sales plummeting in recent years with less users deciding to upgrade. Manufacturers are having to innovate and provide new offerings that are worth it to switch. Samsung looked to be ahead of this curve with the announcement of the Galaxy Fold and their 5G S10 offering. But, the build quality issues and the lurking possibility of more exploding phones *cough* Note 7 is a hurdle Samsung will need to jump to turn 2019 into a success.

The South Korean user reported that his S10 5G was placed on a table when it started to emit a burning smell. Shortly thereafter smoke was coming from the device and was extremely hot to the touch. The user couldn’t hold onto the phone and was forced to drop it to the floor. This gave Samsung an out to respond saying that after receiving the device and inspecting, they blame the explosion on an external impact. Whether it did or didn’t, who wants a device that MIGHT explode if there is any type of forceful impact. The goHere team is eager to see how this develops and for now we are all holding our pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on Verizon.
[Original 4/27/2019]
Almost one decade ago the first 4G networks started rolling out. Seems like a long time as LTE has been the standard for the past few years. Now that we are in 2019 and the push towards 5G is rapidly approaching we are curious if these faster speeds will spark an increase in device upgrades. Verizon is set to launch 5G in 20 cities this year with multiple phone releases. Declining device upgrades leaves the market searching for the next must have feature and 5G speeds could be the one to revive sales.

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It can be expected that we won’t see widespread national 5G coverage until at least 2021, with the majority of speed coming in major cities. This is typical with any new cellular technology as seen with prior upgrades. This means if you want to be an early adopter you will have to be in one of the densely populated cities receiving the new towers.

We love speed increases and the advances 5G bring warrants us to upgrade devices this year. Luckily our city is one that Verizon just announced will be getting 5G mobile service in 2019 along with the other 20 below. Verizon has already launched its Ultra Wideband mobile network in select parts of Chicago and Minneapolis.

Users are reporting a tough time trying to get a signal because millimeter wave technology doesn’t travel far from the cell site and doesn’t penetrate materials well. This provokes questions regarding the scalability of 5G and how carriers will develop this technology in the years ahead. With download speeds in Chicago on Verizon north of 500Mbps and upload of 40Mbps the speeds are an exponential improvement over LTE.

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The devices set to be released on Verizon currently are the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G ($1,300) and the LG V50 ThinQ. Currently the only option is the Motorola Z3 with the required 5G Moto Mod attachment. Samsung has rumored the Galaxy Note 5G and if the Fold ever ends up getting released there is a 5G version in the works. More manufacturers will follow suit as the mobile networks become more developed later this year. Device upgrade rates from Verizon dropped from 5% to a record low 4.4%.

We predict that 5G devices will help recover those lost upgrade sales. Devices have been stagnant in terms of feature upgrades the past three years but signs of innovation with creative designs in the foldable category from Samsung and Huawei combined with 5G speeds provides hope for revival.

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