Forget 5G, Wi-Fi 6 Will Make Bigger Waves in 2019 [What’s new with Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax]

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May 8, 2019

July 19, 2019

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The Google IO announcement fueled the 5G conversation that has been growing over the past few months. Everyone from phone carriers, device manufacturers, and review users are praising 5G. Here’s the thing, in 2019 5G won’t be relevant. Only a select few in dense sections of urban areas that are within close proximity to the new towers will receive the claimed speed increase. Wi-Fi 6 on the other hand is a real, accessible solution that businesses and personal users need to upgrade, read on to see why goHere is all in on Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax in 2019.


To summarize Wi-Fi 6 the main upgrade benefits are greater capacity for connected devices, increased performance when numerous devices are connected, faster overall transfer speeds, and increased battery performance when connected. With reported speed increases of 30% from Wi-Fi 5, the main benefit is in the ability to deliver more simultaneous data to multiple devices.
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802.11ax will be the first to have Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. OFDMA is the successor to OFDM and adds transmission coordination to the 802.11ax Aps. This AP centrally schedules data transmission which divides frequencies to allow multiple clients to transmit to and from at the same time. This is extremely revolutionary being able to increase network efficiency in high-demand environments including public places. By increasing the unit interval from multiple signals being broadcast at the same time, outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity will vastly improve. This is why the implementation of Wi-Fi 6 will be applicable to more users, whether at home, work, or out in public.

Backwards Compatibility

One of the most convincing reasons why Wi-Fi 6 stomps 5G in 2019 is the generation effect. You will need a 5G device to receive the benefits, this is not the case with Wi-Fi 6. Because of additive changes with each generation, older Wi-Fi 4/5 devices will still be able to use the Wi-Fi 6 AP’s at lower 4/5 speeds. The benefit is still there for older devices as Wi-Fi 6 will see benefit for all devices connected to the network because of decreased latency.

Business / Personal Use

Wi-Fi 6 will accelerate businesses at a significant rate providing solutions that support new technologies such as AR/VR based immersive experiences, guiding autonomous vehicles, and medical IoT devices. With majority of businesses migrating to the cloud Wi-Fi 6 will support higher data rats with lowery latency producing improved operations.
From a personal perspective, Wi-Fi 6 will be wonderful for home setups. We have seen increased numbers of devices connected in homes today from multiple phones, tablets, desktops, and all of the new smart home devices. Lower latency and greater performance when multiple devices are connected because of increased coverage and throughput will allow you to rest assured that your devices are running more efficiently by not having to constantly struggle to remain connected.

The future is bright in terms of increased speed and connection stability across multiple devices. Wi-Fi 6 will add significant value in personal, business, and public settings. When stationary there is no doubt that Wi-Fi 6 outperforms 5G. Once 5G becomes more widespread the combination with 802.11ax will provide extreme flexibility to perform extreme tasks while having the freedom to be mobile to switch between Wi-Fi 6 and 5G.


Do yourself a favor and invest in a new 802.11ax router in 2019. We highly recommend switching strictly because of the ability to use older devices and still receive the added value in battery life, latency, and multiple device connectivity. Our router recommendations are the Asus RT-AX88U ($350) or Amazon is currently running the first sale on the NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 ($300) which you can pick up here, . Any new devices you pick up in the next few years will be Wi-Fi 6 compatible and receive all the speed upgrades along with other benefits. Stay tuned to goHere Insights if you want to be in the cool guy zone and on the cutting edge of tech.

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