Verizon 5G Update [First 5G Hotspot – New 5G Cities Launched]

Johnny Reid


July 19, 2019

July 19, 2019

This goHere Insight will highlight the evolution of 5G in 2019, specifically with the leading carrier in the United States, Verizon. Our previous article (linked) listed the cities that the carrier was expecting to launch in 2019. Since that article Verizon has been slow to launch in those promised cities but there is hope with another city being launched this week. Verizon also leaked details on their first 5G hotspot available for consumer purchase. Read on for more details on this device and the current state of 5G availability in the USA.

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As of this week, Verizon has activated their 5G network in St. Paul, Minnesota. This launch adds up to the carriers 5th city release, with the others being Denver, Providence, Chicago, and Minneapolis. They plan on having 30 total cities launched by the end of 2019; this seems ambitious considering their slow start but goHere will keep our readers informed with new information.

verizon 5g hotspot

An exciting announcement along with the St. Paul launch is the reveal of the first 5G mobile hotspot device from Verizon. This device, the Inseego MiFi M1000, will set consumers back a hefty $650 upfront, $27.08/month for 24 months, or for $500 with a two-year service contract. Didn’t expect to see service contracts make a comeback considering every carrier in the United States has moved towards the payment plans, but this is a cheaper option if you know that Verizon will be your carrier for the next 2 years.

If you want to add this device to your current Verizon Unlimited plan it will set you back an extra $30/month for 50GB of 5G and 15GB of 4G LTE, with throttled speeds afterwards. This is fairly reasonable but if you don’t have that plan already it will cost $85/month for the MiFi M1000 service. The Inseego weighs in at 5.7oz and sports a 24-hour battery life. As expected with new technology, it isn’t cheap. If you want the latest and greatest, be prepared to cough up some cash. Stay tuned to goHere Insights for all emerging and current tech news!

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