Top 5 360° Cameras [For Your Money]

Jack LeMay


March 9, 2019

July 19, 2019

So you want the best 360° camera but want to make sure it’s a wise investment? Well look no further.

Our team has researched and demoed a handful of the newest 360° cameras available at the beginning of 2019 and wanted to share our results with you. So is Insta360 the leader in the market? Is the Vuze 3D worth all the hype?

We answer all those questions and more on this week’s goHere Insight.

Ricoh - Theta V


The Theta V is a sleek piece of equipment that features on the spot playback and a respectable file compression system to make transfer of your files much quicker.

The video capabilities are great and it features a 4-channel microphone for great audio, but we can’t recommend the Theta V for stills. View Product


  • Easy to transport
  • Great UX
  • Easy to Transfer Files
  • Great Video


  • 2 Fish-eye Lenses
  • Doesn’t come with much extras
  • Below par images


Insta360 ONE X


Capable of capturing 7k stills and 4k video there isn’t much more you can ask for, especially at just under $400.  The Insta360 has to be our favorite cameras overall.

The ONE X isn’t perfect though: the user experience is lacking on the mobile app and there is no option to preview the video before uploading, but as far as quality goes; you can’t ask for a better product for the price. View Product


  • Amazing quality for the price
  • Includes multiple hardware add ons


  • 2 Fish-eye Lenses
  • Phone app isn’t amazing

Vuze 3D 360


If you’re ready to go to the next level than the Vuze 3D 360 is what you’re looking for.  Featuring eight cameras instead of the standard two, the Vuze 3D produces a much clearer and seamless transition and a fully integrated VR experience.  

The provided app is good for previewing and remote control but not much else and suffers from crashes and bugs, atleast at the time of our testing.  View Product


  • 8 Cameras
  • Remote App
  • VR Support


  • Buggy UX


Garmin VIRB 360


The Garmin VIRB 360 is one of the best waterproof cameras currently available and is perfect to use while scuba diving, on a motorcycle, or even skiing.  It is one of the most durable and 360° cameras available and produces very high quality photos.  

The only downside is the lack of an app or real editing software so expect to do all the heavy lifting yourself. View Product


  • Waterproof up to 10m
  • Clips Easily
  • High Resolution Stitching


  • 2 Fish-eye Lenses
  • Requires computer to Preview/Edit
  • Expensive for the quality

Panono Pro 360°


The Panono Pro 360° is essentially a ball of 36 fixed point cameras all evenly spaced to not only give you a 360° view of the Y-axis, but also the X and Z axis’.  Panono is the highest resolution 360 camera for photos available and can suffer from some stitching errors, but overall is a great experience. View Product


  • 36 Cameras
  • HDR Function
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • Includes Tripod


  • Some stitching errors
  • Battery Issues
  • Only works in large open areas
  • Requires some editing skills to use

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