Smartphone Addictions Leading to Vertical Trends [Samsung Sero Lifestyle Vertical TV]

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April 29, 2019

July 19, 2019

As a society we have been influenced by technology trends and one that is becoming quite apparent is the adoption of portrait or vertical content to fit our smartphone screens. You see this daily with top applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat optimizing video and other content for vertical screens. This trend which makes little sense in the eyes of a professional film producer, but that is not the majority of users. The younger generations who spend a quarter of their day on social platforms absorbing vertical content is who Samsung is targeting with their new lineup of Lifestyle TVs, specifically the Sero which rotates from portrait to landscape. Will vertical video and content become such a staple that true creative professionals need to pivot?

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This may be the beginning of a serious pivot towards mobile optimized content. Smartphone usage across the globe has increased exponentially over the past decade. Applications and developers have optimized programs and content to be viewed vertically. Before smartphones portrait photos were rare and vertical video was practically unheard of. Televisions, computers, and movie theatres were the main forms of media consumption. Today, while these platforms are still relevant, they are slowly losing screen time to smartphones. This is forcing a shift in the dimensions of viewing media that has been adopted by top technology companies.

Samsung has been a market leader in screen technology as of recent. Their research team analyzed characteristics of the millennial generation, one of the heaviest smartphone usage demographics. What they found is that the amount of screen time spent on mobile applications that are designed for vertical content warrants developing TVs with creative designs for this new age in media consumption.

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The Sero Lifestyle TV is far from a traditional screen we have been accustomed to for the past half-century. While you can view this 43 inch panel in the traditional landscape setting, the new feature is the ability to rotate the panel to view vertical content. The design of this rumored $1,600 screen sports a clean, slim appearance on a navy platform. The vertical screen is perfect for mobile video, games, and shopping according to Samsung. With 60 watts of built-in 4.1 sound, this device is great for casting music from your phone. Overall the Sero just seems like an oversized 43 inch smartphone.

While Samsung is betting on the millenials adopting vertical screens into their homes, it will probably be a couple years before mainstream adoption. The Sero is set to be released in South Korea at the end of May with no information regarding a US release yet. Is Samsung onto something with these furniture piece TVs that will focus on vertical content? We hope the vertical and portrait viewing experiences are limited to smartphones, but millennials might just ruin video as we know it. Stay tuned and go here for more Insights.

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