Galaxy Fold Finally "Ready to Hit the Market" [Samsung Cancelled Unconfirmed Orders]

Johnny Reid


June 20, 2019

July 19, 2019

Update 6/20/2019

“Most of the display problems have been ironed out,” Samsung Display Vice President Kim Seong-cheol told a crowd at an event in Seoul this week, “and the Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market.” We will find out more information in the next week or so but our estimation is we will see the release of the long awaited Galaxy Fold by the end of summer 2019.

Samsung is rightfully being careful with this premium flagship release. They do not want any more bad PR incidents after the initial Fold review units having display issues and people still remembering the Note 7 fiasco. Samsung as a market leader is optimizing the release for this two thousand dollar device and will be in competition with the Mate X from Huawei for the emerging foldable market. Luckily, Huawei has delayed their release as well and might not be able to sell that phone in the United States which will be a serious advantage for Samsung.

Update 5/7/2019
Samsung has dropped the ball on their Galaxy Fold release. With screen issues lurking they are pressed for time to release this product. Numerous people signed up for pre-orders that were supposed to ship on the original April 26th release date. With the delay in release Samsung has mailed pre-order customers saying if they do not get a confirmation from you and they have not shipped by May 31st they will cancel your order automatically per United States regulations.
Samsung said that they are working on measures to strengthen the display after issues with review devices. No information has been released from Samsung on a concrete release date, but an email from AT&T was found suggesting the Fold would be released in June. This is still speculation and not confirmed, stay tuned to goHere Insights for all information regarding cutting edge tech.

The goHere team this week expresses a serious concern regarding Samsung’s newest flagship, the Fold, we recommend holding off ordering until we can see the first round of consumer models. Samsung recently released a limited number of review models to media influencers and the response from a few have been catastrophic. Numerous reviewers have had their foldable screens break within a couple days. At the $1,980 price point Samsung has set, this is completely unacceptable, and they should delay the release until they fix this problem. Read our take below on why the Samsung Galaxy Fold could be the biggest flop of 2019.

From our article from March 24, “Samsung has been a leader/influencer in screen technology over the past half-decade with their beautiful AMOLED displays and curved edge technology. But, if they want the foldable phone phenomenon to not just be a fad that lasts one generation, they should address these concerns before the users have a chance to deem the Fold an overpriced, underwhelming flagship of 2019.” This comment was in regard to the original photos showing the visible crease down the middle of the foldable screen. With this next wave of screen concerns coming from the review models seen this week, we are truly concerned that Samsung might have developed a lemon. Our honest opinion is Samsung should delay the release until later this summer. This will give them time to address all the screen concerns and an opportunity to release the 5G version of the Fold that has been rumored.
We could understand one or two broken Fold units but having multiple issues with the limited models they released for review is frightening. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is supposed to be the newest, high-end release that is at a premium price. Limited production supply and the percentage of these devices that are coming back as broken within days is a red flag that Samsung should handle before they have another Note 7 type controversy. Check out some of the broken Fold phones below.
Samsung is one of the leaders in screen technology. I want to end by stating that. This technology is cutting edge and in its first production run but they should not release the phone until these production issues are fixed. Possibly Samsung is having trouble because the screen isn’t glass but instead plastic to be foldable. Either way stay tuned to new goHere Insight articles where we will keep you updated as more information is released.

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