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Johnny Reid


April 10, 2019

July 19, 2019

With all the rave reviews and instant adoption of the wireless earbuds in the market lead by Apple with their AirPods, surely Samsung would have to follow suit and come out with a wireless earbud option. Well, they took their time letting the initial hysteria die down from the AirPod introduction before releasing the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They are out now and you can purchase for $129 here, . Our team was eager to test these headphones and see if they live up to the hype in this goHere Insight.

These are priced aggressively against Apple’s option which come in at $159 or $199 depending if you want the wireless charging case. With the Galaxy Buds case doubling as a wireless charger that you can charge from your new S10 if you wanted to, we say that the value is by far with the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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The design features an ergonomic in-ear design that have a snug fit in your ear. Galaxy Buds come with silicone ear tips, providing better comfort and passive noise isolation. They are  smaller and aren’t as nearly protruded as the AirPods are. Samsung has also included ear fins that will ensure an already snug fit for use during physical activities. With IPX2 splash-resistant technology, your new Galaxy Buds can handle a little sweat and water. That doesn’t mean I would personally run in the rain with them. You can give it a try, better hope it’s a drizzle instead of pouring rain.

As for the sound quality, the Galaxy Buds provide a great range for a wireless earbud and the sound is crisper than of the AirPods. The ear tips provide for a clearer path for sound to travel and just creates a better listening experience. Samsung has partnered with AKG to ensure the Galaxy Buds match the sound quality to the premium build quality seen on these headphones.  

If you are in the market for a wireless earbud set, I would seriously consider these especially if you have a Samsung or Android phone. For the everyday user, these are the better looking, performing, and priced option in the marketplace right now.

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