Pixel 4 Leaked Details [Images Show New Camera & Bezel]

Johnny Reid


July 9, 2019

July 19, 2019

On this edition of #TechTuesday the goHere team has new information regarding Google’s newest flagship phone release, the Pixel 4. The camera on the Pixel line of phones has been regarded as the premiere smartphone camera setup. This is because of a combination of hardware and software integrations that have users switching from their old devices over to the Pixel. Read on to find out everything to know currently on the Google Pixel 4.

pixel 4 leak

Leaked images highlight something that is reminiscent of 2015 smartphones, a large top bezel. In 2019 the trend has been little to no bezels. Manufacturers have achieved this through pop-up cameras as seen on the OnePlus 7 and Samsung has utilized in-screen fingerprint sensors to allow for an almost bezel-less feel. This Pixel 4 does show promise of a new fingerprint sensor because the rear photo leaks show no sign of a sensor there.

Typically, Google has opted for a single rear camera, unlike the rest of the competition. But these photo leaks show they are moving away from that with the Pixel 4. It looks to be that there will be at least two cameras (we’re thinking three) on the back setup with a dual-lens front camera which is promising for 3D facial recognition.

pixel 4 photos front and back

The report claims the new Pixel line will sport a high-end Snapdragon 855 chip and 6GB of RAM. This isn’t confirmed yet but we’re hoping that there are higher RAM options available with the industry offering 8GB and 12GB options. There doesn’t seem to be front facing speakers with renders showing two speaker grills located near the USB-C port on the bottom of the device. The XL version of the new Pixel is reportedly 6.25-inches. For now, this is the information available with an estimated release date around October. Stay tuned to goHere Insights for all new tech news. 

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