Google Swirl Interactive Ad Experiences [Creative Progression Towards Interactive Digital Ads]

Johnny Reid


June 28, 2019

July 19, 2019

This goHere Insight previews the newest form of ads being released by Google called Swirl. Interactive ads have been the hot trend gaining serious traction in 2019. Marketers are realizing the value of encouraging target market users to interact with promotions and advertisements versus just passively viewing or ignoring. Interactive advertising is the future for businesses especially with the consumer adoption of virtual and augmented reality in the coming years. Budweiser won the Grand Prix in Print and Publishing at Cannes Lions festival in 2018 for their “Tag Words” campaign which sent consumers on a Google search resulting in landing on images of celebrities holding cans of Budweiser. This was a creative solution through a simple but quite effective interactive advertising scavenger hunt. Google announcing native interactive ad experiences through two new formats, live stream and Swirl. Keep reading to be ahead of the game for implementing these new advertisements.

These two new formats will be available on the Google Display & Video 360 marketing platform. They are available now in a limited beta; to learn more and acquire access to this beta reach out to your Device & Video 360 account manager. Google is an industry leader in terms of display, search, video, and interactive ad experiences. The obvious goal is bringing awareness and valuable engagement for businesses to consumers. Google has done this and more by continuously providing creative solutions to deliver differing ads pretty much everywhere users are on the internet.

The new live stream format will allow businesses to run YouTube live stream content across all screens and devices through display ads. This allows users to watch YouTube live streams in full screen previews and giving them the button option to continue watching the entire video content on YouTube. For marketers, this increases the value of creating live stream content that will engage users more creatively than traditional banner ads.

Google Swirl is the greatest progression towards integrating interactive digital ads we’ve seen to date. Companies are spending valuable resources on creating 3D content for their products and services; now there is a platform to display these assets across various devices. 3D assets bring life and create significantly higher engagement rates among users in 2019. For example, with Swirl people can interact with a 3D object now by rotating the 3D object via touch screen providing an experience as if the product was right there in front of them.

If your brand already has 3D content assets, they can design a Swirl 3D ad component in Google Web Designer to be purposed for display ads. If your brand doesn’t have any assets but wants to get into the game, use Poly, Google’s 3D platform to configure and edit realistic models to use in interactive ads. If you want to stay ahead of your competition this year, acknowledge that you need more engaging content throughout your digital presence. Both Swirl and live stream ads will yield great success for all businesses; reach out to goHere to implement a creative strategy that is on the cutting edge of designing interactive ads  Let’s create attractive solutions that attract business, together.

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