Go Here For New Foldable Devices! Microsoft Surface Tablet That Supports Android Apps [9-Inch Display Windows Core OS]

Johnny Reid


June 26, 2019

July 19, 2019

This goHere Insight highlights another device announcement that is following the biggest hype trend of 2019, foldable screens. This time Microsoft is the manufacturer; announcing a Surface 9-inch foldable tablet that can fit in your pocket when folded. When Bill Gates announced his biggest regret was not competing against Android this device announcement sparks some interesting future developments between Windows and Android. Read on to learn more.

microsoft surface foldable

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet will sport a 9-inch 4:3 aspect ratio foldable screen. The product is due to be released sometime in the first half of 2020. Companies are all scrambling to develop a solid foldable device with the initial troubles seen from Samsung and Huawei with their phone releases. Lenovo announced a foldable laptop last month and now Microsoft isn’t going to sleep on this trend. The tablet will be the first Windows device to natively run Android Apps. Interestingly enough, this device announcement coming just after Bill Gates interview citing that his greatest mistake was not attempting to take on Android in the mobile software space. Coincidence? Maybe.

The foldable Surface tablet will run the new dual display UI, Windows Core OS. Support for either 5G or LTE is available which poses the question since this device when folded can fit into your pocket; is Microsoft developing a Surface Phone? They currently are describing this device as a tablet, but nothing is set in stone yet. The device will pack an Intel 10nm Lakefield chip and is vague on it’s support for both iCloud and Google Play/Android integrations. Perhaps Microsoft and Google reached a deal? No pricing has been released yet. As more news surfaces (like the pun?) the goHere team will be on top of it.  

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