4 Essential Paid Plugins To Amplify Your Wordpress Site [For Best Speed and Functionality]

Johnny Reid

Web Design

July 19, 2019

Wordpress is a great multipurpose platform but finding the best plugins for your website can be challenging and time consuming.  

Luckily our team has taken the time to review some of our favorite add-ons for Wordpress to increase speed, functionality, and ease of design. While there are many great free options, this article is focusing on the paid plugins that will unleash the full power of your new WP site.

So which CDN is king? What’s the best Image Compressor for the money? These questions and more will be answered in this week’s goHere Insight.

Elementor Pro [$49/Year Starting]

Elementor Pro is a easy-to-use page builder that has tons of elements and pre-made templates making creating pages and posts quickly a snap. Elementor allows you to edit, design, optimize and stylize your website with very little HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

We love that Elementor Pro includes such a large number of templates that are ready to use for great landing page layouts, and the beautiful design elements that allow you to make edits seamlessly. While the free version is very useful, the Pro Version allows for more complex templates and elements that will be appreciated by developers looking to create an in-depth website.  

With all the advanced integrations including support for WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and Form Submission it is worth checking out Elementor Pro if you are serious about creating a stunning Wordpress website.

The three plans for 1, 3, and Unlimited Sites for Elementor Pro are priced at $49, $99, and $199 per year, respectively.

WP-Rocket [$49/Year Starting]

WP-Rocket is an all-in-one approach to WordPress performance optimization.  It features a deep but easy to configure control panel making speeding up your WordPress site simple.

With immediate features such as page caching, cache preloading, static file compression, and the option for images on request are just some of the many features available. The more advanced features will be appreciated by more experienced developers and the clean code allows for extreme customization.

While you could essentially get most of the same functionality by combining multiple other free plugins, WP-Rocket value is worth the price for the standalone fact that for each site setting up each of the other plugins is time consuming and will be easy to get stuck. If something goes wrong with that method it could take hours of troubleshooting.

WP-Rocket saves time by having everything you need in a clean, simple user interface that will have your sites optimization and speed maximized in no time at all!

Pricing per year is as follows for 1, 3, and unlimited websites; ($49, $99, and $249).

Imagify [$4.99/Month Starting for 1GB]

Imagify is a neat plugin for all your image compression needs. Images account for about 50% of your loading time normally so having a great compression tool will add tremendous time saved for your users visiting your site.

Everyone knows fast websites keeps users interested and engaged so having a reliable and simple to use image compression system is a must. Imagify enables developers to optimize images from multiple channels including their online app, their API, or directly in preferred CMS which is fantastic for WordPress users. With three levels of compression, Normal-Aggressive-Ultra, you can test which is the best outcome for your site which will maximize performance while keeping the best quality possible.

Optimized media also contributes to better SEO through increased user experience and you don’t have to worry about your beautiful images losing their quality when they are optimized. This plugin is essential for increasing your sites speed; images are typically the highest file size and the ability to optimize those sizes without sacrificing quality is surely worth the value to us.

Imagify has plans starting at $4.99/month for 1GB of data per month (approximately 10,000 images) all the way up to an Enterprise plan for 50GB of data per month for $69.99/month. A neat option as well is their one time plans which give you a fixed amount of data to use for image optimization which starts from $5.99 for 500MB up to $19.99 for 3GB.

KeyCDN [$0.04/GB]

KeyCDN is a high performance content delivery network that has 34 data centers around the world that provide content to your users at a blazing fast speed. With fast, scalable, and reliable features KeyCDN is perfect for all size sites ranging from small blogs to top sites.

KeyCDN has all of the features you would expect from a top content delivery network including security features such as Let’s Encrypt TLS and Secure Tokens. But, one of the nicest abilities is the ease of use in the setup process. Getting started will take less than 30 minutes and they provide a “Complete CDN migration guide” along with many other support documents that allow for a step by step solution for setting up your CDN.

Pricing with KeyCDN is straight forward, your first 25GB is free and then $0.04/GB for the first 10TB in North America and Europe. This option has proved to be the most cost effective for us relative to the quality of product and service.

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