2019 Creative Design Possibilities (John Elliot Designed Tires on Lexus UX)

Johnny Reid

Creative Design

April 1, 2019

July 19, 2019

In this week goHere’s insight we look into the world of design in the automotive space. Lexus teamed up with John Elliott to unveil their first-ever 2019 UX, a luxury compact crossover engineered for the city. They partnered to create custom tires deemed “Sole of the UX”, which were inspired by the all-white John Elliott x Nike AF1 shoe. The bespoke tires put afresh spin on something we don’t normally see in tire design. They remind us of a classic, fresh pair of white sneakers. What brings our attention to this is the possibilities of being able to customize the color of your tire like with sneakers on NikeID.

This opens up an entirely new door in terms of customization and design aspects in the automobile industry. Sure, you’ve seen some white wall tires still rolling around but nothing quite like this. Imagine being able to match your new orange Jeep Wrangler with a set of custom orange layered tires! The design possibilities could become endless once this becomes mainstream.

The tires flow with the sleek new white UX and provide for a fashion statement within the car community that provides inspiration for future collaborations to come. At goHere we love analyzing new trends and seeing where the design and tech are moving towards. Hopefully this project will snowball into other designers creating new sneaker style tires, shout out YE. We would love to see it; even more so if we could purchase a retail version someday (fingers crossed).

 The collaboration was revealed at Elliot’s New York Fashion Week in February. The 2019 Lexus UX was created for the modern urban explorer. “We wanted to push that concept even further by creating the ultimate homage to urban style: tires inspired by classic, street-style sneakers.” said Lisa Materazzo VP of Marketing. That is exactly what they accomplished with this collaboration with stunning white on white layers and double stitched leather that add a distinct, contemporary vibe.

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