About Time! New Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones Announced [Enabled with Bose AR]

Johnny Reid


June 3, 2019

July 19, 2019

Bose has been riding on the success of the QC35ii since their release in September of 2017. The upgrade from the QC35i didn’t change the design because they had a home run with the comfort and build quality. Bose is a leader in noise cancelling technology and the consumer base has been eager for a new premium headphone release, now we finally have information on the brand-new Bose 700s. They are set to be released on June 20th and are available for pre-order now for $399. Read on to learn how Bose is setting the industry standard of excellence once again for noise cancelling headphones.
The 700s have a new, sleek design. They are slightly reminiscent of the Sony 1000X M3s but have their own distinct lines and headband exposure in cutouts that run through the ear cup. Bose noise cancelling headphones have looked the same since early 2016 and while that served them quite well it was absolutely time for an update. This generation includes the addition of touch controls on the front part of the right ear-cup; seen in competitors in the market it will be interesting to see how the leader in headphones will integrate controls in their new flagship device. These new headphones charge via USB-C fast charging; this is the first time we’ve seen it in a device from Bose!
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The microphone system in the 700s will be rocking “the world’s best microphone system ever built into a pair of headphones” touts Bose. With four microphones with extreme voice isolation capabilities and now 11 different intensity settings for the noise-cancellation, the customization is something users will appreciate.
Bose is focusing on seamless connectivity and control while wearing the new 700s. Advertised as “Augmented headphones. Now a reality." Bose AR, their first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform is the future of new audio experiences.
Bose AR enabled products work to provide content for your ears instead of your eyes so you can stay connected and engaged in the physical world. This will enhance your experience in traveling, exercising, learning, and everyday functions.
Bose AR works through motion sensors inside the headphones that detect body movement and head orientation combined with your location from your mobile device to send audio content to your headphones so you can look at your phone less.
You can pre-order the 700s at this link, https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/headphones/noise_cancelling_headphones/noise-cancelling-headphones-700/buy.html . At $399, the typical price for Bose’s premium noise cancellation offerings of the past, we’re excited to pick up the 700s and give them a real-world test. Stay tuned to goHere Insights and receive more details on the new Bose flagship noise cancellation headphones as the release date approaches.  

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