BlackBerry Key2 Red Edition [Available in US via Amazon/BestBuy $699]

Johnny Reid


April 19, 2019

July 19, 2019

This product highlight brought to you by goHere Insights features the brand-new BlackBerry Key2 Red Edition. The original Key2 was released last year and is a fantastic phone for business focused users that are reminiscent of the Qwerty physical keyboard. The Red Edition comes in at $50 more than its original version but comes with double the storage (128GB). We highly recommend the Key2 to all business users for productivity factors alone. Read below our analysis on why Blackberry is the leader in the value category with the Key2.
Key2 Red Edition

Blackberry did a phenomenal job with the build quality of the Key2 devices; with the Red Edition sporting a slick red aluminum frame with a textured black back that feels sturdy in hand. The Qwerty keyboard feels precisely like the older Bold series from Blackberry that was the top device in its time. The Keyboard is our favorite feature of this phone and for good reason. Typing is drastically faster than any touchscreen option with maybe the exception of a Swype Keyboard. Compared to Swype, the Blackberry Key2 provides significantly more precision and accuracy. Within 24 hours my words per minute typed increased from 60 to 100, almost as fast as my laptop keyboard which is impressive. For business professionals or anyone who sends a lot of emails or texts, the Key2 will make your smartphone experience more efficient.

The battery life is well above average; typical Blackberry users easily get through a full day without having to charge. Granted, this phone is not undergoing heavy tasks like watching YouTube, Netflix, or playing games which could affect battery life. Those users are not Blackberry’s target audience is with the Key2. This device provides arguably the best security for any Android phone on the market and provides the user access to check security metrics via DTEK. For power heavy users the Blackberry Key2 Red Edition comes with a Snapdragon 660, 6GB of RAM, and a 4.5-inch 1080p display. This is plenty of power to handle all forms of multitasking business functions at a fantastic value versus other flagships which are starting above $1,000.

While this phone isn’t for everyone, it is perfect for the niche market it is targeting. If you want your phone to be more of a productivity tool versus something that over-consumes your time with media this is the device for you in 2019. Remember, smartphones were created as tools and since have shifted towards pleasure. Don’t let the phones win, take back control of your productivity with a Blackberry. Order now at the link below.

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