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Johnny Reid


May 30, 2019

July 19, 2019

This week’s goHere Insight will highlight an emerging technology application that businesses are seeing tremendous success from. Artificial Intelligence has many use cases and while there is a negative stereotype on the consequences of AI, it can perform many redundant tasks at a much faster rate than humans. Therefore, a creative solution opportunity was identified in this segment by increased efficiency in delivering correct responses to customer inquiries. Read on to see how businesses are utilizing AI to amplify their customer service department.

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AI business solutions such as customer care virtual voice agents and powered assistants providing search results for human agents to respond to questions faster with greater confidence completely transforms the customer service segment of any business. The AI platforms not only can handle all company interactions with consumers, it also collects valuable first-party data in the process. This allows the platform to gain insights about their consumer base which leads to delivering more personalized messages.

Through deep neural networks that are trained on customer’s data from sorting through and finding patterns from millions of interactions it can automate, personalize, and provide confidence in answers in the fraction of time humans can. There are platforms that work alongside humans like IBM Watson Customer Care Agent Assist which is a tool that works with agents to provide answers to basic questions, automate repetitive tasks, and seamlessly integrates into your business giving your current agents the ability to respond to questions and inquiries faster.

The fact of the matter is marketing is going to be personalized to the individual in the near future. If your business doesn’t have technology working to enhance workforces and communications with millions of consumers worldwide at an instant, you will be left behind. Utilizing AI to communicate with consumers especially in the younger generations will benefit companies and brands significantly. It will decrease marketing and customer service spend within organizations from increased efficiency of current agents and/or the replacement of human agents altogether.

New AI platforms for customer service will be able to engage with consumers on social or online platforms even if their brand isn’t mentioned. It can be tailored to automate responses to specific situations such as Airlines messaging customers who post about their experience of losing baggage at airports and providing a solution. Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and as more creative applications emerge, it is our job to utilize these opportunities for positive solutions to creative problems. Creative solutions are our business, stay tuned to goHere Insights  for all emerging and current tech news.

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